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Yo Joe~ seriously, this time!

Back on Joe for a bit, and of course, it’s on an insane deadline; with the first issue dropping this week! I barely have time to think, so…

I pity the fool with No Prize!

Back to my stomping ground of obscure characters in the Joe-verse. I don’t remember this guy at all— But even Roadblock isn’t impressed.

Ink it up, lil’ darlin’, ink it up!

As promised, here are the inks to that “chunk” off the cover of 291. Can you guess what plot device joins me in my return?

Gnaw on that for a while, Cobra!

A lot of Australian looking costumes in the Joe universe for unknown reasons. Case in point? Gnawgahyde.

Is that a sporan? Or are you just happy to see me?

A friend once asked why it was that all comic costumes seem designed to point directly at a guy’s crotch. Destro’s grenadier costume does exactly that. I never…

Wait. Dude is their accountant? What-ev!

Yes, the infamous COBRA accountant, Raptor. I wonder if he can deduct those feathers?

New lead singer for Cold Slither is Serpentor set for Baltimore Con!

Kidding— not really, but it would be funny; like a GWAR revival or something? Another recent commission, and if you want to get in on my reshow list…

Not so awesome after all

Coming up are some sketches from the show, cause I had plenty of time on my hands. Ugh- sorry Brian! Although, this one did sell.

Very superstitious, Cobra on the lawn.

Crystal Ball of Cobra Like with the Joe sketches,  if you have any interest in purchasing one of these Cobra character sketches, reach out to me via my…

Mo’Bra! Cesspool of Cobra

Even baddies gotta relax. All work, and no play, makes… something, something. If I haven’t made it clear… if you have any interest in purchasing  any of the…

Remembering old friends—

Flipping thru the yearbook…

Post Baltimore Con – pt05

Another pre-show commission—

Post Baltimore Con – pt04

One of the few pre-show commissions—

Random Cajun ~ 14 : Zartan slices up a snake

OK, last one for a bit, but I’m sure they’ll be more. Have a great summer!

Random shot pattern ~ 11 : Baroness with silencers

Randomness rules~ 07 : Cobra Commander is a Tears for Fears fan

Destructively random~ 05 : #Destro

Random~ 03 : Cobra Commander in Stone

More than random~ 02 : Storm Shadow

From the sketch pile…  

Baltimore Con Sketch~01

Here’s a sketch from Baltimore Con of a lady Snow Serpent. This is before the Mr. Shearer put his inks to it. I hope he posts his version,…