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Slip sliding away

Now and then I do like the motion of a page, and as I said before I prefer things to feel more like a movie. That said, I…

The devil is the details!

Most people won’t even catch half of these things, but when I’m given a location, or specific situation, I try to fully set design stuff. I don’t just…

Morning has broken

Or as I refer to it… dawn. A lot of people take credit on this, but here is her first appearance.

UHump-60 Day

Mixing it up, with a sketch of a whirly-bird. Prelims for a panel in the new Joe book. 

Mo Joe~ !

Sometimes you see a shot, and ask… “Wonder if I’d have drawn it that way?“. In an issue before my restart, a panel caught my eye, and I…

Ink it up, lil’ darlin’, ink it up!

As promised, here are the inks to that “chunk” off the cover of 291. Can you guess what plot device joins me in my return?

The Wild West–

You may know your Joes, but do you know who this is? Don’t cheat!

No prize awarded for hitting the Grid-Iron!

I didn’t see anyone upload an example to my reference from last week’s Superb Owl post, so no-no-no prize goes to anyone! Anyway, here’s what I was paying…

No Prize sea side!

I base most of these No Prize drawings on the model sheets in the “Field Manuals”. The animation sheets generally show more specific detail, but sometimes the toys…

It’s a Knockdown for GIJoe

As I said, I hit the “Field Manual”, find a costume, read the file card, and crank out a shot. I try to modernize some of the elements…

It’s always Joevember

Continuing to draw Joes I didn’t get to during my extensive run (how did that happen- oh yeah, there are a ton of them). I basically flip thru the…

Spearhead -ing the idea of more GIJoe sketches!

I didn’t get to draw all the Joes while on the book, and there’s certainly a lot of them. I like the guys with animal sidekicks (don’t call…

It’s a Bazooka, Joe!

Often ridiculed, rarely loved… Bazooka!

Wait. Dude is their accountant? What-ev!

Yes, the infamous COBRA accountant, Raptor. I wonder if he can deduct those feathers?

Shock(Wave) the monkey!

OK, so I like classic Peter Gabriel, sue me; just don’t “@” me. A little FireF… er, uh, Shockwave, from GIJoe!

Mind the oranges Duke!

A little DR & Quinch reference there. Anyway, another sketch from the recent show.

Random Cajun ~ 14 : Zartan slices up a snake

OK, last one for a bit, but I’m sure they’ll be more. Have a great summer!

Random Rat ~ 13 : Tunnel Rat in his element

Random shot pattern ~ 11 : Baroness with silencers

Random issues~ 08 : It’s a family thing with Dawn