Most artists pick celebrities to reference for characters, as some Joe figures are obviously based on actors from the time they were designed, and even those that weren’t just look like specific people. I see Carl Weathers as Stalker, Shipwreck is Jack Nicholson from The Last Detail, and who doesn’t think Cutter is based on Magnum P.I.‘s Tom Selleck? Even side characters will get based on people, not so much to do a likeness, but as a target to aim for; ┬ájust for consistency. That said, not every reference is a celebrity, as some are often friends.

In this scene Jinx, Dawn, and Helix were supposed to be in disguise as older women, so I made two of them actresses of similar ethnicity. For Dawn I picked Rita Moreno, and for Jinx it was Lisa Komaki, of Super Sentai fame. As I said, not everyone is famous, as the woman I based Helix’s disguise on, was a co-worker of mine from years ago.

Again, it’s done more for consistency than anything.